The Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice is responsible for the execution of sentences and measures for the different forms of detention.

The Office serves a dual function:

The probation and corrections services serve as law enforcement authority and they are responsible for the different sanctions and refer them to the different correctional facilities, including those outside the Canton or manage programs and probation assistance.

The Remand Prisons and the Penal Institutions of Zurich, the Penal Institution of Pöschwies and the Massnahmenzentrum Uitikon accept the detainees assigned to them by law enforcement and prosecuting authorities, also from outside the Canton, as correctional facilites.

The most important fields of activity of the Psychiatric-Psychological Service (PPS) lies in the implementation of therapy offers with a view to preventing crime and in risk assessment with the focus on violent and sexual offences as well as in the psychiatric basic care in all prisons and in the institutions for the execution of sentences and measures in the Canton of Zurich. In addition, the PPS focuses on application-oriented evaluation research within the Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice and is responsible in the field of quality assurance.

Geschäftsleitung Justizvollzug und Wiedereingliederung

Justizvollzug und Wiedereingliederung
Hans-Jürg Patzen
Stellvertretung AmtschefJérôme Endrass
Forschung & EntwicklungJérôme Endrass
Bewährungs- & VollzugsdiensteDaniel Treuthardt
Untersuchungsgefängnisse ZürichRoland Zurkirchen
Vollzugseinrichtungen ZürichTheo Eugster
Justizvollzugsanstalt PöschwiesAndreas Naegeli
Massnahmenzentrum UitikonGregor Tönnissen
Psychiatrisch-Psychologischer DienstMatthias Stürm
Fachbereich Recht Florian Funk 
Fachbereich Human Resources Stephanie Gerwe
Fachbereich Kommunikation Rebecca de Silva 
Fachbereich Finanzen, Controlling und Logistik Simona Wöhrle 
Fachbereich Investitionen und Entwicklung
Bruno Schneeberger