Direction of the Office and Management

The Head of the Office is at the top of the Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice and is responsible for the overall management of the Office. He reports to the Head of Department. The Head of the Office is the line manager of the institutions' directors and the Head of Services (formally: senior head of department).

The Management and its members are in particular responsible for the following cross-cutting issues:

  • Strategic and cultural development
  • Development of cross-cutting special concepts, forms of intervention
  • Personnel, finance and infrastructure planning
  • Public appearance

The members of Management in the area of Law Enforcement:

  • Thomas Manhart, Head of the Office
  • Florian Funk, Law
  • Markus Epple, Director of Untersuchungsgefängnisse Zürich
  • Theo Eugster, Director of Vollzugseinrichtungen Zürich
  • Andreas Naegeli, Director of Justizvollzugsanstalt Pöschwies
  • Hans-Jürg Patzen, Head of Bewährungs- & Vollzugsdienste
  • Jürg Reinhard, Finances/Controlling
  • Gregor Tönnissen, Director of Massnahmenzentrum Uitikon
  • Rebecca de Silva, Communications Representative
  • Frank Urbaniok, Head Psychiatrisch-Psychologischer Dienst
  • Martina Villiger; HR Manager
  • Gaby Heil-Ulrich, Assistant to the Management