Bewährungs- & Vollzugsdienste

The probation and corrections services serve as the law enforcement authority and probation assistance. The aim is to reduce repeat offending of delinquents, thus making an important contribution to the Communications Representative of our population. Assumption of personal responsibility and social integration of the delinquents are part of these important aims. In their work, the employees of the probation and corrections services take account of the specific offences, the risk potential and the need for development of their clients.

The probation and corrections services

  • regulate the enforcement of prison sentences ordered by the court, community service and penal measures
  • carry out learning programs
  • carry out probation assistance and supervision of compliance with the terms of probation in case of suspended custodial sentences, upon a release on parole from a prison sentence or in case of a measure
  • regulate out-patient and in-patient measures and arrange contact with therapists and treatment facilities
  • draft reports and file applications to court and prosecution authorities
  • offer the detainees assistance and social counselling during their remand in custody pending trial, during preventive detention and upon their release from prison
  • carry out debt reschedulings

Assistance and enforcement is managed by 140 employees in 13 teams. In general, they have had some basic training in social work, the law or administration.

In addition, volunteers of team72 offer support for those detained in custody pending trial and those serving a prison sentence.