Justizvollzugsanstalt Pöschwies

Justizvollzugsanstalt Pöschwies: Eingangspforte

The Penal Institution of Pöschwies (PI Pöschwies) with its 426 places for male criminals is the biggest institution of its kind in Switzerland. Today's institution opened in 1995 and replaced the former Penal Institution of Regensdorf dating back to 1901. The PI Pöschwies employs some 250 staff.

The PI Pöschwies is geared towards adult men sentenced to a prison term of at least one year, to an in-patient measure or to indefinite incarceration. Since January 2004, detainees with shorter sentences are also accepted in the extension.

The detainees have to work. They have the opportunity to learn a trade in the modern workshops associated to the PI Pöschwies.

The PI Pöschwies has its own in-house social service and in-house medical service. The Psychiatric-Psychological Service (PPS) of the Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice is responsible for the psychiatric care and the therapies ordered by court. In addition, the spiritual needs of the inmates are also catered for.

The average stay in the PI Pöschwies is roughly three years. There are several different options after the stay in the Penal Institution:

  • to be placed in a day-release facility or in external employment/external accommodation, e.g. at the Correctional Facility Bachtel or at Haus Lägern
  • release on parole, sometimes combined with probation assistance
  • release after serving the entire sentence
  • transfer to detention pending deportation
  • extradition to a third country