Psychiatrisch-Psychologischer Dienst

The Psychiatric-Psychological Service (PPS) employs 50 staff members from different professional backgrounds (psychology, medicine, nursing) working together in an interdisciplinary way.

The most important fields of activity of the PPS

Implementation of therapy offers with a view to preventing crime and risk assessment with a focus on violent and sexual offences
Some 250 offenders are continuously in treatment programs, accompanying the enforcement of the sentence in prison or in freedom, with a view to preventing crime. As a direct consequence of the new provisions under the Swiss Criminal Code, the range of therapeutic offers of the PPS in the Penal Institution of Pöschwies has been broadened since the summer of 2009 and now includes 24 treatment places for clients with in-house treatment under Art. 59 SCC. Since autumn 2010, the PPS also has a branch in the Massnahmenzentrum Uitikon.

Psychiatric basic care in all prisons and institutions for the execution of sentences and measures in the Canton of Zurich
Every year, the PPS assists some 1 300 offenders in the prisons of the Canton of Zurich. The psychiatric basic care focuses on influencing upon and stabilising acute psychiatric conditions during imprisonment. There are some 12 000 sessions held in the PPS every year.

Evaluation and quality assurance
The evaluation of therapeutic programs and the analysis and further development of procedures with a view to establishing a prognosis are part of the core functions of the application-oriented research within the PPS.