Untersuchungsgefängnisses Zürich

Untersuchungsgefängnisse Zürich - UGZ (Mandate of the Remand Prisons of the Canton of Zurich)

Enforcement of

  • Remand in custody pending trial and preventive detention
  • Detention pending extradition
  • Police detention


  • Accommodation, supervision, catering and assistance of the detainees
  • Health care for detainees
  • Employment or vocational education and training of detainees


  • The most important goal of a prosecution (remand in custody pending trial, preventive detention or detention pending extradition) is to safeguard the judicial process.


  • Management of the UGZ (Director and Staff Services)
  • 142.3 positions
  • Six facilities with a maximum number of 462 detainees in custody pending trial and law enforcement