Vollzugseinrichtungen Zürich

Vollzugseinrichtungen Zürich - VEZ (Mandate of the Penal Institutions of the Canton of Zurich)

Enforcement of

  • Prison sentence due to court sentences
  • Indefinite incarcerations (in the framework of an early beginning of indefinite incarcerations
  • Alternative custodial sentences due to failure to pay monetary penalties or fines
  • Detention under the law on foreign nationals (preparatory detention, detention pending deportation and coercive detention)


  • Accommodation, supervision, catering and assistance of the detainees according to the principles of Art. 74 ff. SCC (German)
  • Health care for detainees
  • Employment or vocational education and training of detainees


  • The primary goal in terms of the enforcement of prison sentences lies in the prevention of repeat offending, i.e. it focuses in particular on the protection of potential victims.
  • The goal of the implementation of forms of detention under the law on foreign nationals is to safeguard the Offices for Foreigners' expulsion and removal orders.


  • Management of the VEZ (Director and Staff Services)
  • 154.0 positions
  • Five facilities with a maximum number of 433 detainees:
    ▶ Two penal institutions for the enforcement of custodial sentences in prison with a maximum of 117 detainees
    ▶ The airport detention facility
       - The Division for the enforcement of custodial sentences with a maximum of 108 detainees
         - The Division for detention pending deportation with a maximum of 106 detainees
    ▶ The Correctional Facility Bachtel for day-release and for alternative custodial sentences with a maximum of 64 detainees.
    ▶ The semi-detention of Winterthur with a maximum of 38 detainees