What we do

Reducing the risk of repeat offending and protecting victims

The Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice (OEPSJ) belongs to the Department of Justice and Home Affairs (DJHA) of the Canton of Zurich and employs some 850 staff. We execute prison sentences ordered by court, measures under criminal law and we also do legal social work. We are also responsible for remand in custody pending trial and preventive detention to guarantee the current prosecution.

Our employees exercise some 40 different professions and support the re-integration of several thousand delinquents, thus making an important contribution to the security of our population.

To safeguard decisions and procedures with regard to immigration policing, we are responsible for the field of delinquents, but also for the detention under the law on foreign nationals.

What does this platform offer?

This platform is intended to give those interested access to information on the topic of the execution of a sentence or a measure. Next to general information on our mandate, you will also find publications on specific themes, forms, contact details including how to reach us or information on the products manufactured in our workshops.